6 Architecture Trends That Never Go Out of Style

The world of architecture revolves around finding solutions driven by human needs — the need for shelter, security, and a place to stay warm and comfortable, to name a few. As an industry, it has always prided itself in designing not only functional spaces but also beautiful ones. Try looking up Pinterest home designs and you’ll know what we mean.

It’s amazing how architecture changed over the years. As is with every other practice, new ideas bloom, and trends are set. However, there are certain trends in architecture that have stood the test of time. In this article, we’ll discuss six of the timeless architecture trends to inspire you for your next home acquisition or project.

1. Tiny homes/Tiny living

Recent times have seen a boom in a more conscious lifestyle. With more and more people living and needing only the essentials, tiny homes have sprouted everywhere to support the movement. These houses go as small as 15 square meters (or less!), but homeowners continue to make the switch since they’re eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable.

If you’re thinking of downsizing, or if this is your first time purchasing a home, you may want to consider living in a tiny home. Their simplistic and functional designs are perfect for minimalists or anyone on a budget.

2. Smart homes

Technology and design have come a long way. And with the rise of smart tech, it’s making its way into our homes, on to the quest to future proof our humble abode.

You’ll see these advancements through lighting gadgets, kitchen mechanisms, and even in the bathroom. Soon, automation will make day-to-day tasks obsolete. It brings a sense of ease and convenience to the present-day homeowner. A house that knows whether to keep itself cold or warm is something to marvel at, don’t you think?

3. Taking the outdoors inside

The pandemic has been ravaging for quite some time, and it brought with it a longing for the outside world. Formal dining and living rooms are fading away and are being replaced by spaces that take in fresh air. Just like that, we saw a rise in architecture and design revolving around this idea— bringing the outside world into our home.

From placing plants inside, to using earthy tones, to indoor-outdoor bathrooms, and even actual open areas in the middle of the house, this movement has set a milestone for great seamless living. Having a space that lets you breathe is now a plus in every home. It gives you a sense of wellness without having to be outside the comfort of its four walls.

4. Sustainability

As the call to let the Earth breathe continues to ring across the globe, sustainability has been at the forefront of architecture. This movement aims to reduce the carbon footprint a home leaves and makes. Architects heavily consider numerous factors in order for them to call a property “sustainable”, and some of which include the actual materials used to build it, the location of the actual property, and the design.

With architecture shifting its focus to designs that focus on sustainability, it brings with it cost-effective measures that will make the Earth and us happy. From designs that cool the house to recycling rainwater, to utilizing solar power – these are all great and easily-implementable steps that even you can do for your current home.

5. Multi-functional open spaces

If you’ve looked for home designs online, then you’ll see pictures of open floor plans dominating the feed. It’s not a shock that this trend is here. People used to be so obsessed with walls and dividing spaces. Perhaps this suffocated them. Now they want to move freely with fewer limitations.

Say goodbye to excessive walls as we welcome the era of multi-functional open spaces. It’s not very hard to be gone with the walls since there are wonderful design pieces out there that help compartmentalize spaces. Homeowners who choose to apply this approach enjoy the versatility of agile spaces. People can work, entertain guests, and lounge around in the area, essentially making the idea of having separate home offices, entertainment rooms, and even study rooms outdated.

6. Renovated or Rehabilitated Homes

As the demand for homes and spaces continue to rise, so does the demand for fixer-upper projects. With more and more homes and buildings entering old age, this trend gives home seekers a cost-effective way to acquire a property.

As we innovate, timeless ideas persist

The trends we have listed are a move to innovation, all packaged in a timeless approach. Architecture and design will continue to evolve, so expect more wonderful concepts to take hold. We hope this article inspires you to pursue only the best ideas for your home or future property.

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