9 Weekend Projects That Add To Home Value

Looking to finally sell your current house and move to your dream home? Or maybe you just want to improve your place and reap the benefits of an outstanding property later on? Whichever side of the fence you’re on, there are lots of simple value-adding tricks you can do to give your humble abode an edge.

To help you add some pizzazz to your place, we’ve rounded up a list of simple weekend projects you and your family can take on to spruce up your home.

1. Apply a fresh coat of paint

Perhaps the simplest, most surefire way to liven up any home is to apply a fresh new coat of gorgeous paint. Not only does it instantly increase the value of any property, but it gives the house a brand new look & feel.

Don’t be afraid to shake up your palette and experiment with colors you haven’t tried. For a more contemporary look, you can always count on neutrals. But don’t stop there – maybe add a vibrant color that will pop and bring life to the place.

Whatever route you go for, a fresh coat of paint will always be a good task to undertake.

2. Beautify your garden

Sprucing up your existing garden with a couple of new plants and flowers will surely make your house look fresh and wonderful. If you’re looking for something you can immediately do this weekend, why don’t you visit a local nursery to purchase your new plant collection?

However, if you want a project that’ll potentially increase your house’s appeal for a longer time, we suggest planting a few trees, starting a new herb garden, and maintaining a fabulous flower garden. Although these will take longer than a weekend, these’ll make for great projects under the warmth of the sun.

3. Refresh your kitchen

There’s no doubt that the kitchen has become one of the most valuable parts of the house. Apart from being the place where delicious home-cooked meals are whipped up, this also easily becomes a hub for socializing when you have guests over.

Just by doing some easy weekend projects, you’ll be able to liven up that adorable kitchen of yours:

  • Put on a fresh coat of light-colored paint on the walls
  • Repaint or refinish kitchen cabinets
  • Work with new tile backsplash
  • Try assembling a concrete kitchen top

4. Give your laundry room a makeover

A good clean-up and organization will go a long way for your laundry room, making it more of a place of relaxation instead of chores. Consider adorning the area with scented candles, a fan, or even a nook for a moody break time while waiting for the laundry. Some plants will help add some laidback notes too, turning it into a space of life rather than just for utility.

The laundry room is an underrated asset of any home. It keeps our sheets and clothes clean, so it makes sense to give it some good ol’ makeover.

5. DIY bathroom makeover

As years go by, the bathroom often gets left out of style. Outdated fixtures, tacky paint scheme, maybe a bit of troublesome hardware. Or who knows, maybe it just needs some cleaning.

Here are some tips on how you can liven up your bathroom easily:

  • Update and use similarly-themed fixtures/knobs/handles
  • Clean the floors and yes, even the grout
  • Add some plants for a feeling of freshness
  • Get some lively lighting, like an accent light or two.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint

6. Start spring cleaning

Since Spring is in full swing, why not take advantage of the warm energy to raid your closets, pantries, garage, and everywhere else for a decluttering session?

Time to tackle those storage boxes you’ve been dreading to clean up. Don’t worry, you can be eco-friendly by donating or recycling your pre-loved valuables. Not only do you get to clean up your space, but you get to give your unused things a second chance at life.

7. Personalize your mailbox’s look

In the age of lightning-speed connectivity, yes, it’s still worth it to update your mailbox’s look. For a more personalized feel, try painting its body with your favorite color. You can even get the rest of your family to contribute to the design and turn it into artwork.

8. Update light fixtures

We’re in the modern era, so it’s probably about time to upgrade your old light fixtures and get with the times. You can add a hanging lamp down the kitchen table or island to give a more warm and inviting mood, or maybe add accent lamps in the living room for that cozy feeling.

Lighting inside a room is essential as it sets the mood for all occasions, so don’t neglect it.

9. Install smart home features

The houses of the future have officially arrived. The best part? Yours can turn into a smart home, too.

The use of smart technology at home has been skyrocketing as tech becomes more and more integral to our lives. Adding any smart feature to your home, big or small, makes a difference. Not only does it make life just a bit simpler, but also attracts a new market for your house down the road.

You can start small and just try it out, maybe with a smart lighting setup or a smart thermostat – cold or warm in a flick of a finger.

Ready to add value to your home?

We hope you found these home weekend project ideas useful. Doing any of the ones listed will not only add value to your property but also, it’s a chance to learn so much more about your house and what it needs.

Put those handiness skills to work this weekend! And remember to enjoy the place you live in, it’s your home.

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