How To Decorate Your Home With A Grandmillennial Style

While most homeowners are going crazy about the minimalist home decor trend, there is another style that will definitely catch the attention of those who love traditional and neo-victorian style – the grand millennial style. Instead of plain walls and clear spaces, it is more of a maximalist style which combines classic and modern design. We’re talking about prints, patterns, and a lot of texture complemented with a modern aesthetic. This style is perfect for millennials who want to have the traditional look for their home but want to keep it on-trend.

Here are some tips on how to decorate your home with a grandmillennial style:

  1. Think “granny chic”.

Think about your grandmother’s home. What does it look like? Do you remember the cupboard that is full of figurine collections? I bet you have items that are similar to those that you put aside thinking that you won’t ever gonna use it as they look outdated. Well, it’s time to bring them out! These decor pieces are a great way to provide a grandmillennial touch to your home.

Display your elephant figurines or china pattern vases. Group together items with similar textures and patterns. Who would’ve thought that those vintage hand-me-downs from your granny can bring a traditional yet chic aesthetic to your home?

  1. Play with printed and patterned wallpapers.

Another vintage decor trend that’s coming back because of the grandmillennium style is printed and patterned wallpapers. This will bring out your creativity and add more personality to your home interior. You can choose among different prints and patterns such as floral, moroccan, scandinavian, victorian, or whatever you prefer.

If adding wallpaper to all walls doesn’t suit your taste, you can take a more modern approach by incorporating patterns into your tilework or backsplash.

  1. Use patterned upholstery.

To complete the grandmillennial look of your home, opt for a patterned upholstery. Choose patterns that are homey. You can use vibrant and bold pieces to provide an accent and achieve a modern grandmillennial look.

You might think that having a printed wallpaper and patterned upholstery in one room might look overwhelming. But don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns! Use patterns that will complement each other. If this is done right, it will definitely add a sophisticated elegance that’s appropriate in a home with a grandmillennial style.

  1. Mix old and new furniture.

Since grandmillennial style is about traditional and modern elements coming together, the key to a good design is finding balance and choosing the right pieces. This becomes easily noticeable with your choice of furniture for your home.

Mix old and new furniture to achieve the balance that’s perfect for a grandmillenial home. You can explore combining rattan elements with light-colored reupholstered vintage pieces.

  1. Add modern elements.

After you’ve become creative with the prints and patterns for your home, complete the grandmillennial look by adding modern fixtures. Include bronze or silver door handles, hinges, frames, and light fixtures. This will provide a modern and elegant touch to your vintage and chic home.

It’s all about balance

Since grandmillennial style uses a lot of patterns, elements, and decors, you are probably thinking that it can look cluttered. However, a homey grandmillennial look can be achieved by having the perfect balance. It is all about creating a home that’s both timeless and modern.

Grab your granny’s collections and start your home makeover! We’ll bring those floral wallpapers and patterned upholstery back in style! With a creative curation of the right pieces, your home will definitely be Instagram-worthy.

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